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As a domestic manufacturer and supplier of optical splitter, we started our optical device business by establishing a new plant in Shibata-machi, Miyagi Prefecture, in 2001 for business related to infrastructure development of domestic fiber to the home (FTTH).
Our strengths are the fundamental technologies (core technology), including optical technology, glass microfabrication technology, precise optical alignment technology, fiber array technology, thin film coating technology, UV-bonding technology, optical design technology, and module design technology. Making full use of such core technologies, we have defined the four fields of optical communication, laser application, sensing technology, and healthcare as our targeted business domains. While exploring business based on solutions to customer needs, we constantly progress with the development of the new technology needed for businesses in these fields.
The following diagram represents a roadmap of our products and technologies. As a member of the Tohoku Electric Power Group, we desire to always contribute to the realization of SDGs and a smart society, through which we will continue to make efforts to create an organizational climate where those who are engaged in our business can develop by sharing a sense of accomplishment with customers and by accumulating experience.
We strive to meet your expectations as a company.

June 2021
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Product road map
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