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In 2001, we started our business in Shibata-machi, Miyagi, by establishing a new plant to domestically manufacture and supply the Optical Splitter for FTTH network system.
Our technology is based mostly in glass precision-processing, fiber array technique, and precise optical alignment technique. While considering a medium-term perspective, we have simultaneously and promptly introduced the new technologies necessary for future product development.
The following figure shows our product roadmap. These products have always been developed with the aim of contributing to customers and society. Our division is a technology group that focuses on thought such as the following “We believe in sharing the fruits of our efforts with our customers. This results in growth of human resources for business.” From this point onward, we will continue to nature this corporate culture. Please look forward to our success.

January 1 2017
Optical Devices Division
Division manager

Product road map
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