Tackling Environmental Issues


The Kitanihon Electric Cable has continued to recycle power lines since 1960. In October 2001, we opened the “Eco Center,” a comprehensive power line recycling base to “sort and disassemble used cables,” and “process and reproduce wooden cable drums,” to expand and strengthen our recycling activities. One of our group companies, the “Kitanihon Densen Service Co., Ltd.,” is involved in the recycling of cable drums.

In addition, the Electric cable division markets “recycled covered OW cables” that use repelletized PVC coverings, and actively strives to develop new recycling projects.

Environmental management

The Kitanihon Electric Cable has been certified by the “Tohoku Electric Power Company Group Environment Management System (T-EMS),” (environmental management system certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard) so that management and workers can work together to promote environmental conservation. We are continuously doing our upmost to tackle environmental issues.

Eco Center
A comprehensive power line recycling system that is people-friendly and eco-friendly.

Introduces material recycling